WP 5: Coordination, mobility and dissemination

Lead: National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Denmark

This workpackage will include all coordination, mobility and dissemination activities of the project.

The project will be lead by DTU Aqua and will have a steering group consisting of WP leaders who will be responsible for project implementation and reporting. As project coordinator, the lead institute has extensive project management experience gained from previous projects (e. g., Euro-Basin, ECOSUPPORT, EU Networks of Excellence Euroceans and MARBEF).

The project will have kickoff and wrap-up meetings at the start and end, and two mid-project meetings for communication among partners and coordination and planning of activities. Reports describing progress towards milestones and deliverables will be prepared by partners according to project deadlines.

The project will also promote mobility of students and scientist staff among institutes as a basis for knowledge sharing and acquisition and developing networks and collaborations. This will be done by encouraging exchanges and visits among institutes.

The project will disseminate its results to a variety of stakeholders, and will support EU Horizon 2020 open access agendas, including the Ocean Literacy project.