The National Institute for Marine Research and Development, Romania

Logo of the National Institute for Marine Research and DevelopmentThe National Institute for Marine Research and Development (NIMRD) “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta is the most important public body in the marine research, acting since more than 45 years in the field of marine research, especially in the Black Sea waters.

The main activity of the institute includes fundamental, applied and technological development research in the fields of oceanography, marine and coastal engineering, ecology and environmental protection, as well as of the management of living resources in the Black Sea and other ocean areas, in order to fulfil the national and international requirements of the Romanian EEZ at the Black Sea and the obligations assumed by Romania as a part of international conventions in those fields.

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Contribution to the GOFORIT project 

Tasks inside the project 

WP4 leaders on Black Sea Sprat.

The scientific team 

Gheorghe Radu 
Dr., Senior Fisheries Scientist, leader of WP-Black Sea Case Study for sprat
Research interests: Assessment of sprat biomass, indices of abundance for sprat and anchovy juveniles, dynamic of recruitment for sprat and anchovy; distribution areas and migration routes; biomass of spawners and exploitable biomass for sprat. Develop the decision support.

Florin Timofte 
Dr., Biologist, Head of Department for Marine Ecology and Environmental Protection 
Research interests: Research regarding marine biology; structure and distribution of zooplankton in the Romanian marine waters; sampling of zooplankton species; process and manage zooplankton data; write scientific studies and reports.

Aurelia Totoiu 
M. Sc. in Ecology
Research interests: Laboratory analysis for biological parameters, spawning capacity, qualitative and quantitative structure of juveniles, trophic structure and ichthyopathology.

George Sarbu 
Scentific researcher, degree in mathematics and informatics
Research interests: modeller

Magda Nenciu 
PhD student, M.Sc. in public relations and communication.
Research interests: Dissemination and communication framework