The Marine Research Institute, Iceland

Logo of the Marine Research InstituteThe Marine Research Institute (MRI) was established in 1965, but the history of marine research in Iceland dates back more than a century.

The role of the MRI is:

  1. to acquire knowledge of the marine environment around Iceland and its living resources,
  2. to provide advice to the government on catch levels and conservation measures,
  3. to inform the government, the fishery sector and the public at large about the marine environment and its living resources.

MRI undertakes research on marine climate and the environment, marine geology and bottom topography, plankton distribution and production, reproduction and recruitment, assessment of fish stocks, multi-species interactions, marine mammals, fishing gear, fishing impact on the ecosystem, and potentially exploitable species. All this undertaken with the aim of ensuring sustainable utilization of Icelandic marine reseources.

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Contribution to the GOFORIT project

Tasks inside the project

Leading WP 2 on Icelandic Capelin

The scientific team 

Olafur S. Astthorsson
PhD, deputy director
Research interests: Zooplankton ecology, effect of environment and zooplankton on fish recruitment and large scale and long term climate related variations in the marine ecosystem.

Astthor Gislason
Research interests: Zooplankton ecology, seasonal dynamics, overwintering strategies and life history of zooplankton, trophic relationships and feeding of planktivorous fish, automatic identification of zooplankton, distribution of zooplankton of zooplankton by acoustics and VPR.
23 JANUARY 2022